Why Should I Install an Insulated Roller Garage Door?

Here at Beacon Garage Doors, we wholly believe that insulated roller garage doors are an ideal choice for a wide range of Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, and Walsall properties. There are a myriad of advantages to installing an insulated roller garage door, and Beacon Garage Doors have listed just a few below to help you make your decision.

Climate Control
If you are keen to use your garage as a space that extends far past simply offering a parking place for your car, an insulated garage door is an effective way to create a homey and inviting atmosphere. Your garage could be used as a playroom, a study, a workshop, or even as a place to house storage, and all of these options will need an element of climate control to ensure that the environment is comfortable and serene. If you choose to install a heating element within your garage and don’t own an insulated roller garage door, heat will slowly seep out and cool air will take its place. With an insulated garage door, however, you will not have to worry about cool air penetrating your property as heat transmission will be minimised instantly.

Energy Efficient
The benefits of an insulated roller garage door don’t just affect the garage. Your house will lose a large amount of heat through the garage, so installing an insulated garage door is a surefire way to save on your property heating bills and improve strength of the heating in your home.

Due to the reinforced nature of the material used to craft the insulated garage door, they’re generally considered to be a tougher garage door option than most. The insulation adds an extra dense layer and rigidity to the door, making it the ideal choice for property owners who worry about the strength and stability of their exterior.

Quieter Use
A roller garage door is quieter to operate as they rattle less than other garage doors. In addition, not only do insulated roller garage doors keep the heat in, but the sound from the outside is kept out. If you live in a noisier neighbourhood and are often frustrated by the discord from outside, an insulated garage door will increase your enjoyment of the area.

Beacon Garage Doors has worked with an extensive array of properties across the Birmingham area to expertly install a wide range of garage doors. If you’d like to speak with Ryan and the team in regards to installing an insulated roller garage door, please contact 0121 353 8909 today. Alternatively, the team can be reached by completing our online contact form.