Top Tips to Improve Home Security This Spring

During the winter home security is often one of our priorities but as the summer months rolls around once again, it seems slip our minds. While criminals will make the most of the long, dark nights over winter, the lighter evenings during the spring and summer won’t put them off too much!

Your home is at risk of crime all year round and here at Beacon Garage Doors we’re here to help. We’ve put together a few tips to help you keep your property secured and prevent your home from becoming a target:

Secure Windows & Doors Properly

Did you know that 73% of burglars use the door to enter a home? Did you know that in only 3% of burglars the door was open?

Locking your windows and doors simply isn’t enough these days, criminals are resourceful and motivated and will often find a weak point in your home security. Investing in highly secure windows and doors is essential to protect your home and deter any criminal activity.

Don’t Make It Obvious That You’re Out

If you’re going away for a couple of weeks or even just out for the evening, don’t make it obvious that your home will be left unattended! Criminals are, of course, significantly more likely to target empty homes so keep your schedule under wraps.

Ask a friend or family member to visit the house at different times or invest in a timed light outside your home. Whatever you do don’t change your answerphone message to explain that you’re away or leave a note for the newspaper boy asking him to stop deliveries until you’re back.

Never Neglect Your Garage Door!

Your garage door is the perfect entry point for many criminals but it’s astounding how many people forget about it when thinking about home security. Countless homeowners in the UK actually leave their garage doors unlocked and will often fail to repair or replace it if broken or damaged.

Here at Beacon Garage Doors we specialise the in the supply, installation and maintenance of garage doors and we urge you to replace your door to improve your home security.

There is a huge range of highly secure garage doors available; you can choose anything from insulated roller doors to section garage doors to find the perfect garage door for your home. If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to browse our site or get in touch with us directly on 0121 353 8909.