The Benefits of Installing a Side-Hinged Garage Door

Despite constant technological advances in the automated door world, side-hinged doors are still a very popular option with Beacon Garage Door customers. Side-hinged garage doors operate exactly as they sound like they would; the hinges are attached to the side of the frame and cause the door to swing sideways, as opposed to upwards.

Are you in the midst of trying to decide whether a side-hinged door is the way to go for your home exterior? Beacon Garage Doors have listed out three vital advantages this particular style of door offers to help aid your decision.

Enhance your home exterior
Simply put, side-hinged doors can make your exterior look stunningly modern, providing a versatile option that blends effortlessly into a whole host of exterior styles and appearances. Side-hinged doors are available in a vast array of designs, finishes, and colours, meaning that even the most unique of home exteriors are guaranteed to find their perfect match in a side-hinged garage door.

Easy automation and use
Side-hinged garage doors can also be automated, giving you ease of use at all times. This aspect of a side-hinged door is very useful if you intend to house your car within your garage when it isn’t being used. However, a side-hinged garage door is still extremely easy to use, even without an automated system in place, and is particularly appropriate for those who suffer with debilitating back pain. As the doors swing open from the side, the need to haul the door up and down as you would do with a regular roller door is instantly negated.

Extra privacy
A side-hinged door is ideal for smaller properties that need to store a great volume of items in the garage, but do not want the whole world to see their possessions every time the car exits through the garage doors. Because the door is split into two sections, you can open them individually at any given time, depending on your needs, to ensure that your neighbourhood aren’t given a good eyeful of your garage storage and prized possessions.

Beacon Garage Doors have the expert ability to be able to install and maintain a side-hinged garage door, so do not hesitate to get in contact with Ryan and the team today if you require their professional services. Call 0121 353 8909 to find out more, or have a browse through past blogs, such as ‘The Importance of Regular Garage Door Maintenance’ or ‘How to Keep Your Garage Door Warm This Autumn/Winter’ to discover further information that is of vital importance for garage door owners.