Should Your New Garage Door be Electric or Manual?

Here at Beacon Garage Doors, we wholly understand the importance of choosing the ideal garage door for your home. There are many reasons as to why this decision should not be made lightly; the aesthetic appeal, the improved security, and the increased house value should all be considered. The great thing about the purchase of a new garage door is that there are many types available on the market today, all of which are guaranteed to add a distinct look to your home. Below, Beacon Garage Doors have gathered the advantages for two of our most popular door types,electric or manual, in order to best advise our customers on which type is right for their home.

Manual garage doors are doors which are manually operated by the homeowner. Manual garage doors generally require less maintenance and repair work, and are seen as the cost-effective option when deciding between an electric or manual garage door. Manual garage doors can be purchased and installed in a wide range of colours and designs, ensuring that your exterior appearance isn’t compromised by the installation of a new manual door.

Electric garage doors are popular with the majority of homeowners. The remote control aspect of the door is very appealing, meaning that those who keep their car in the garage do not have to manually operate their garage door, instantly easing those colder Monday mornings. It is important that an electric garage door is well-lubricated, particularly through the cooler seasons to make sure that the opening mechanism is working to the highest standard. Electric garage doors should be installed by professionals due to the automated features and the sheer size of the door.

The great thing about deciding between an electric or manual garage door is that aesthetically, the two types do not look at all different, and are available at Beacon Garage Doors in a wide range of customisable styles and designs. Get in contact with Ryan and the team by calling 0121 353 8909 at your earliest convenience in order to discuss with a professional garage door fitter whether an electric or a manual garage door is best for your property.