How to Keep Your Garage Warm During Autumn/Winter

With November slowly creeping over the horizon, it is time to turn your attention to maintaining what little heat is lingering in your property after a delightfully warm September.

The garage is often a part of the house that is overlooked when it comes to preparing for the cooler months, and yet it is an integral piece of the home. If your garage is joined to your house, and is not kept warm with the central heating system of the house, it could be the reason that you are not feeling the benefit of your high energy bill. Colder air could be seeping through from your garage into the more populated areas of the house, effectively rendering useless your efforts to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

Below, Bacon Garage Doors has listed three key ways that, upon implementation, will help you to keep your garage warm over the coming months.

Seal any cracks

A simple way to keep your garage warm at little cost is to determine from where the cold air is coming. Try to identify the problem areas, such as cracks that have appeared in the sides of the garage door, and apply sealant to secure the crack and block out the cold air. Remember to check places such as pipes, windows, and even electrical sockets, as these components are all prone to cracking.

Install a heater

If you keep your car within your garage, installing a heater is one idea that could help to keep your garage warm during the colder months. Although we would not recommend keeping the heater on continuously, setting the timer to make sure that the heater comes on an hour before you need to use the car will certainly ease you into the colder mornings!

Call Beacon Garage Doors

As effective as the two procedures listed above can be to help combat the chill, ultimately these are only temporary fixes. If you should find that your garage door is doing little to retain the heat, do not hesitate to get in contact with Beacon Garage Doors to discuss replacing your garage door. A new garage door that is tough, functional, and expertly installed will work wonders for preserving heat within your garage.

Here at Beacon Garage Doors, we are confident that our services will help with both your energy bills and the overall enjoyment of your property during the autumn and winter months. Give the team a call at 0121 353 8909 to find out more information today.