How to Decorate Your Garage Door This Christmas

At this festive time of year, whilst you string your fairy lights around the tree and bind your tinsel around the banister, take a moment to consider the exterior of your home. Your garage door does not need to be left out in the cold when it comes to Christmas decorations; in fact, you can enhance your curb appeal and intensify the seasonal nature of your street by choosing to decorate your garage door.

Below, Beacon Garage Doors have detailed three ways in which you could decorate your garage door this festive season to inspire and excite the creative spark in you.

Use lights creatively
Stringing Christmas lights across the top of your garage door is a popular method of decoration throughout the UK. Christmas lights are fairly versatile and are available in a vast range of colours, styles, and patterns, so there is sure to be a selection that is perfect for your theme. If you’d rather use fairy lights creatively on your garage door, creating a tree pattern using self adhesive hooks is a fantastic way to create a striking decoration. Simply attach the self adhesive hooks to your garage door and style the lights in the shape you desire. Add a bow or a star to the top of the ‘tree’, switch the lights on when darkness falls, and there you have it! An unconventional fairy light tree that will impress your neighbours.

Get the kids involved
Are you looking to entertain your children whilst they’re on their school holidays? Get them decorating the garage door by asking them to create simple paper snowflakes, which can then be attached to the door easily using white tack. Instructables has a comprehensive tutorial on how to create the snowflakes if you aren’t too sure of the process.

Secure festive magnets to the door
If you have a metal garage door, purchasing Christmas-themed magnets is a fuss-free way of sprucing up the exterior of your home. Magnets can be easily sourced from online marketplaces such as Amazon, and can be smoothly secured and detached during the festive season. Ensure that the magnets are weather resistant and durable, meaning that you are able to use them every year.

If you’d like to know more about how best to decorate your garage door this Christmas, Ryan and the team may be able to offer advice and tips to ensure that any potential damage to your garage door during the festive season is minimised. Do not hesitate to contact our team at 0121 353 8909 if you’re keen to know more about our services today.