Common Problems With Your Garage Door

With the festive season well and truly here, you can’t help but get caught up in the contagious swing of Christmas. It’s around this time of year where you begin to let your hair down, hum those Christmas melodies and can be forgiven for having one too many sherries.

But whilst you’re out partying, your garage door may be providing the perfect opportunity for unwanted guests and burglars, which is why here at Beacon Garage Doors, we are committed to supplying, installing and maintaining garage doors in Lichfield, Birmingham and the surrounding areas. With our help, you can have peace of mind in the fact that our garage doors are the securest around as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Supply, Install, Repair

With 14 years’ experience, we are proud of the fact that we are able to offer the latest, safest and stylish garage doors in the industry. Our extensive range includes wooden garage doors, fibre glass doors, Up-and-Over mechanism garage doors and side-hinged garage doors all in a range of colours and styles.

With the option of manual or electric powered garage doors, we are here to tailor your garage door to fit your own specific needs. Your satisfaction and security are our main concerns. We will not only supply and install your garage door with the help of our qualified and experienced fitters, but we also offer a maintenance service, ensuring that your garage door is regularly serviced and in full working order.

What Can You Look Out For?

We are always looking to go one step further with our customers so we have compiled a short list to help you to look out for those small signs which indicate a repair is in order;

• Uneven, slow opening or wonky garage doors are a sign of a worn extension spring cable or the need to replace worn pulleys.
• Door won’t open/close. This could be down to a bent roller track. Look to straighten, adjust or replace.
• Scraping or squeaking can be the sign of dry, misaligned or bent rollers or a worn extension spring cable. By lubricating with oil, the squeaking should cease. If it continues, call in the professionals.

With these helpful hints you can be sure to catch the signs of a broken garage door early. For more information on our range of garage doors, feel free to check out our website.